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Atic Kimya is a chemical manufacturing and trading company based in Turkey. We are specialized in producing high quality Phthalate-Free PVC Plasticizers such as (DOTP, DOA & TOTM), in addition to production of Unsaturated Polyester Resins.


The company was founded in 2014 in Turkey and since then we are improving every aspect of our business to reach a full customer satisfactory with both our products and services.


We can supply all kind of Plasticizers, Resins, Pigments, Glycols and other many related chemicals.




DOTP (Dioctyl Terephthalate)

DOTP, is a PVC plasticizer that is considered safer than low-chain and ortho-phthalate plasticizers due to its excellent toxicological profile. It is probably one of the most important phthalate-free plasticisers in the market; it is the ester of terephthalic acid and 2-ethylhexanol. 

PA (Phthalic Anhydride)

Phthalic Anhydride is a toxic, white crystalline compound used in the manufacture of phthaleins and other dyes, resins, plasticizers, It is widely used worldwide for an extremely broad range of applications spanning from the plastics industry to the synthesis of resins, agricultural fungicides and amines.

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MA (Maleic Anhydride)

Maleic Anhydride is a highly reactive chemical intermediate with present and potential uses in the production of unsaturated polyester resin as well as in the manufacture of coatings, pharmaceutics, agricultural products, surfactants, and as an additive of plastics.

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